Dreaming Specter

An interactive visual installation highlighting memory decay done for Decadent Decay; an experimental 2 day dining event by Guerilla Science at Bat Haus.

Features: Creators Project, Event Marketer, MOLD

The dreaming specter observes a part of our reality, our physical selves in a small space and over time presents it through a visual language (converting movement into stillness, physical into digital) constructed out of our present and immediate past. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the two states of trying to live in the moment and trying to live in memory and reflection. Moments are born out of both states, jumping from one to the other. They then fade away just like memories over time.

All is mine but nothing owned,
nothing owned for memory,
and mine only while I look.

Wislawa SzymborskaTravel Elegy

Result is an ever-changing digital dream state that reveals patterns constructed through loose associations with physical bodies, abstracting their identities and meaning digitally. In this digital age, we are dissolving into networks and systems as they are dissolving into us, forming ephemeral, misrepresented identities that render us in a state of oblivion.