Imaginary Numbers

Imaginary Numbers is an audio-visual piece inspired by concepts of quantum mechanics and neuroscience of free will.

Abstract Mind: the 2nd International Exhibition on Abstract Art
CICA Museum, South Korea
Mar 31 - Apr 16, 2017

We are complex beings in pursuit of our interests, with abilities to generate options, weigh and choose from, in an ever-changing reality. If we are not the ones creating these choices, then our decisions lose the sense of free will altogether. It is not about which choice is better/worse/right/wrong then, but an attempt to free ourselves from the choices themselves, a reality where we exist, observe, feel, stay curious and evolve. The seemingly separated realities then organically flow and overlap, into a consciousness that appreciates and allows for believing in the unreal and imaginary.

While observing life at a quantum level, phenomenons like superposition, entanglement and tunnel effect, might provide explanations for intrinsic behavior of us in the cosmos. Several hypotheses on quantum consciousness propose questions on how and why we have phenomenal experiences, if problems of consciousness are hard problems or hard non-problems or non-problems, whether we are conscious humans with morality or really philosophical zombies. Neuroscience of free will studies the interconnections, as an effort to understand agency, moral responsibility and consciousness. Both domains of thought invigorate space for believing in complexities and mysteriousness of our reality, extra-ordinary scope for probabilities and perspectives, at different scales of observation and simultaneity, altogether raising questions, on choice, boundary and freedom. Such is a space that lends towards creativity, intellectual adventures and meta-cognition.