Udit Mahajan is a designer and artist based in New York with over 8 years of design and technical experience. He has held a number of roles as practitioner and educator of creative technology, UX-UI design, and electrical engineering.

In his current position as UX designer at AV&C, he leads user experience strategy and design for software driven architectural scale media projects working alongside design, development and systems teams. The projects comprise of ecosystems of media canvases, user interfaces, sensors and other data sources. Recent client engagements include IBM, Columbia University, Sotheby’s, and design partners include Gensler, Pentagram, 2x4, ESI Design. In 2017, he was invited to AIGA Baltimore's Design Week to talk on UX storytelling in multi-functional spaces. Previously he has worked with The New School, Publicis Groupe, NYC Media Lab, Learning Community Charter School, Extrapolation Factory, and Bechtel.

Udit's art practice primarily involves technological experiments as attempts to understand the perceptual and social interplay. His artworks have been exhibited at Vector Festival, World Maker Faire, SXSW, CICA Museum, Liberty Science Center, The Urban Foundation Gallery, NYC Media Lab Summit, Creative Tech Week and featured on Creators Project, Interalia Magazine, Athanor Magazine, MOLD, Electronic Beats, and Prosthetic Knowledge.

He holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BE in Electrical Engineering from Delhi Technological University, India.


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