Ad Infinitum
Ad Infinitum is an audio-visual artwork inspired by emanations flowing all around us. It provides an immersive and engaging experience for the audience, in order to awe and self-reflect; by inducing a sense of physiological resonance, revealing patterns of eye movement as they attempt to synchronize with patterns evolving out of 3D noise.

Morphogenetic studies in cellular biology suggest that complex life-forms develop and evolve from simple beginnings via certain rules and conditions. Another, more recent study came out on existence of microbial clouds, composed of biological particles emitted by the human micro-biome. The way we see reality, follows its own fractal patterns. Extrapolating these concepts from morphogenetic waves in cellular biology, and from studies on existence of microbial clouds in proxemical physics, Ad Infinitum presents the evolving and unique signature, of us and the space we live in, through visual mathematics.