MLB's New York Headquarters
MLB’s new headquarters in NYC spans 4 floors, 330,000 square feet, and houses 1,400 employees. Through a mixture of media and graphics, ESI design produced elements in the space that celebrate the history and present, incorporate new and exciting perpectives on familiar aspects of the game, provide a platform that highlights the creative output of MLB, and create a fun and extraordinary workplace that excites employees and wows visitors.

I was brought on during the production phase of the project. My role was software design and media production of several real-time and interactive media experiences throughout the space, from showcasing baseball’s history and greatest players to the latest highlights from all 30 teams, as well as providing a flexible platform for daily management to keep the workplace relevant and exciting. I defined logic, design and functionality refinements for all activations during pre, during and post interaction. I contributed to visual design, motion, systems, networking, in-studio mockup and on-site reviews with the internal team, software partners and client teams. In close collaboration with the client team, I helped integrate MLB's CMS into a flexible platform that provides a seamless user experience and up to date content management.

Project with

ESI Design


Senior Interaction Designer