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Hiatus - Realism

Realism is taken from the fourth album by British-Iranian producer Hiatus. It was written at a time when the artist was learning new ways of seeing reality through meditation, and is itself reflective of that journey. With its shimmering curtains of synths, pulsing beats, looping vocal and snatches of a traditional Iranian string instrument called a kamancheh, the track invites listeners to travel within.

The music video is a meditation on the cosmos - a cyclic journey from expansive space to the deep seas. With allegorical representations of the universe’s constituents, the video unfurls its recursivity through a series of cosmogonal and evolutionary activities. Bubbling universes, celestial formations, oceanic perspectives, and complexity of life, all are revealed through choreographed entities made up of particles that form, interact and cease.

Visuals are code-generated simulations, inspired by physical and biological processes in nature. The intent is not on scientific accuracy but rather visual appeal by evoking a sense of organic familiarity; and to convey that everything, wherever it exists, stems from the same materiality. Like the countless stars in the sky, or waves on the ocean surface, or lifeforms evolving beneath it, we too contain the same fundamental particles and dance in the cosmic story with innumerable worlds revolving inside us.

Official music video

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