Udit Mahajan is a UX-IX designer, technologist and new media artist based in New York. He holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BE in Electrical Engineering from Delhi Technological University, India.


Code. Compose. Collaborate.
Window Shopper App
Artworks Dreaming Specter
Ad Infinitum
Imaginary Numbers

Teaching Design for this Century
Immersive Storytelling in VR
MFA D+T Bootcamp
Teaching Assistantships
Performance Zai 在
Shuffle Challenge NYC
New World Symphony

Exhibitions - Ad Infinitum, The Void and the Cloud Pop-up Exhibit NYC
- Ad infinitum, Day Zero: Voight-Kampff Screening, Vector Festival Canada
- Imaginary Numbers, Abstract Mind, CICA Museum South Korea
- Emanations, World Maker Faire 2016 NYC
- Emanations, NYC Media Lab Summit 2016 NYC
- Emanations, Creative Tech Week 2016 NYC
- Emanations, Between Spaces, MFA Thesis Show NYC
- Emanations, 6th Annual Jersey City Pi Day NJ
- Emanations, Parsons Gala NYC
- =π, 6th Annual Jersey City Pi Day NJ
- Pieces, NYC Media Lab Summit 2015 NYC
- The Smaller Picture, 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival & Trade Show Texas
Talks & Interviews - UX Storytelling in Multi-functional Spaces
- SciArt Magazine Interview
- Between Spaces Symposium
Features - Old New Beginnings, Interalia Magazine
- Ad Infinitum, The Void and The Cloud Online Exhibition
- Ad Infinitum, Prosthetic Knowledge
- Dreaming Specter, Creators Project
- Dreaming Specter, MOLD
- Destructure, Athanor №5
- Reinterpretations, Electronic Beats
- Reinterpretations, Prosthetic Knowledge
- Reinterpretations, VIDVOX Blog