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11 Hoyt Sales Gallery




UX Designer


Apr - Oct 2018


11 Hoyt is a 57-story condominium tower located in Downtown Brooklyn. The sales gallery encompasses two floors and comprises of several static and dynamic elements carefully laid out to help convey the project narrative. In the gallery, agents lead potential buyers and visitors through a series of exhibition-like installations to inform and inspire.


Pentagram and AV&C collaborated to design the user experience and interfaces for digital installations in the space, including a gallery wall of mounted screens in the entryway, a digital touch table, custom touch screens on scale models, projection mapping on a neighborhood model, and iPad interfaces for use in private sales rooms.


The sales gallery includes management-facing interfaces that help set up the space prior to appointments and agent-facing interfaces that help drive the sales and hospitality experience in real-time along with ability to follow up in the future. My contribution in the project was UX design of these interfaces, from concept to completion.

Image 1

Gallery wall with tablets in the entryway

Image 2

Building model, neighborhood model and digital touch table

Image 3

Subway lines projection mapped on neighborhood model

Image 4

Touch table drives lighting on models and content on LCD display

Image 5

Touch table interactions

Image 6

Agent control panel on the touch table

Image 7

Amenities tablets drive lighting on models and content on display

Image 8

Amenities tablet close-up

Image 9

Custom tablet interfaces to drive displays in conference rooms