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Indian-born, US-based designer, artist and educator. I have over a decade of experience working and educating in UX-UI design, creative technology, and critical thinking, with a background in electrical engineering.

Personal Interests

Topics I am most passionate about include experience design, emerging technologies, digital mindfulness, speculative design, bioart, travel, culture and ontology. To feed my digital curiosity, I enjoy taking design courses, learning new platforms, making code-generated art and electronic music. To balance my time spent digitally and return to it inspired, I meditate, read, cook, stroll through parks, hike mountains, visit museums and galleries, explore restaurants and event spaces.

Design Mindset

As a designer, I focus on strategy, user experience, interaction, and software design for brands and institutions. I provide meaningful design-driven solutions within business and technological constraints. My process is collaborative and thoughtful, practicing an iterative and thorough methodology in each phase of the project. I work hard to ensure design solutions are feasible and creative, as well as delivered on time and budget.

Teaching Experience

As an educator, I emphasize hands-on learning with an approachable, encouraging and inclusive style. I've taught courses on VR storytelling, global design, and creative coding. I've provided teaching assistantships for courses in compute shaders, large systems, wearable technology, and physical computing. Additionally, I've led workshops on virtual environments and electronic music, and participated in critiques of student work.