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MLB's New York Headquarters

MLB’s new headquarters in NYC spans 4 floors, 330,000 sq ft, and houses 1,400 employees. Through a mixture of media and graphics, ESI design produced elements in the space that celebrate the history and present, incorporate new and exciting perspectives on familiar aspects of the game, provide a platform that highlights the creative output of MLB, and create an extraordinary workplace that excites employees and wows visitors.

I was brought on during the production phase of the project. My role was software design and media production of several real-time and interactive media experiences throughout the space. These include projections in the concourse, LED slats at café and ROC, 30 screens at the 6th floor reception area, jersey projections and display at the 8th floor reception, and interactive photo booths on 5th and 8th floor.

I defined logic, design and functionality refinements for all activations during pre, during and post interaction. I contributed to visual design, motion, systems, networking, in-studio mockup and on-site reviews with the internal team, software partners and client teams. In close collaboration with the client team, I helped integrate MLB's CMS into a flexible platform that provides a seamless user experience and up to date content management.

3 stories tall concourse projection areas

LED slats at café

LED slats at Replay Operations Center

30 screens at 6th floor reception

Jersey projections, central display and lighting on 8th floor reception

Interactive photo booths on 5th and 8th floor

CMS and photo booth takeaway email

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