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Sotheby's New York Headquarters




UX Designer


Sep 2018 - Apr 2019


Sotheby’s transformed their New York headquarters into an art destination with new public gallery spaces. A family of digital displays are located at key navigation points on multiple floors to help facilitate navigation and encourage a sense of discovery. The digital canvases promote Sotheby's constantly changing exhibitions and programming, as well as provide wayfinding.


In order to create and manage content for these digital interventions on a daily basis, 2x4 brought AV&C in to create a full-blown content system that integrates with Sotheby's existing content platforms, provides multi-user access for creating, editing and previewing content, as well as intelligent scheduling capabilities.


My contribution involved UX-UI design of software as well as overall strategy for supporting flexible programming, logic rules and user roles for these digital activations. Layout and behavior rules support content creators across widely varying canvas resolutions and reviewing tools help moderators keep the content correct, fresh and up to date.

Image 1

Lobby ribbon showcasing carousels of exhibition imagery

Image 2

Lobby ribbon showcasing custom brand content

Image 3

Lobby ribbon and directory providing digital wayfinding

Image 4

Lobby directory showcasing exhibition imagery

Image 5

Floor directory providing digital wayfinding

Image 6

Content management system